Wedding Details

We will be getting married on Sunday, October 9 at 6 p.m. at Material Culture in Philadelphia, PA.

About the venue

Material Culture is a vintage and antiques emporium, auction house, restaurant, and events space located in the East Falls neighborhood of Philadelphia. Built in 1920 and occupying the former train station of the historic Atwater Kent Radio Factory, Material Culture’s unique interiors and one-of-a-kind arts collection immediately wowed us. Chef-in-residence Aliza Green is a James Beard award winner, and was named one of Philly’s most influential chefs by the Philly Inquirer for her work with local farmers (although we were most impressed eating her delicious food!!)


material culture
Downstairs at Material Culture

About the ceremony

We have chosen to hold a Quaker-style ceremony, as a nod to Matt’s Quaker roots and as a way to involve all of our friends and family in our wedding. Pennsylvania is the only state in America to grant Quaker marriage licenses.

If you are not familiar with Quaker ceremonies, here is a very brief synopsis: rather than conducting a religious ceremony with an officiant, we have instead opted to marry ourselves, with all of our friends and families as witnesses.  After proceeding down the aisle, we will exchange vows, then sign the marriage certificate. Afterwards, our friends and family may, as they feel inspired, stand and offer their own thoughts or wishes. At the close of the ceremony, all present sign the certificate, vowing to support us throughout our married life together.

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